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Allow customers to visualize the furniture of their choice, increasing their satisfaction and commitment

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Our AI models are designed for intensive use

Continuous updating

Our AI models are regularly updated to incorporate the latest technological advances

How does it work?

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Kustom The Great

Explore perfect integration with Kustom, our most advanced tool for transforming your customers’ spaces by directly incorporating furniture chosen from your catalog.

Kustom enables precise visualization of furniture in the customer’s current environment.

kustom result
Need some inspiration?

Kreator aka Pimp My Space

With Kreator, your customers can express their design wishes, and our tool generates customized furniture ideas.

Kreator provides furniture suggestions that precisely match each customer’s preferences, offering a unique and inspiring experience to enrich their spaces.

Kreator has come up with four unique designs.

Make your choice and transform your space!

“A comfortable black sofa”

canapé ikea

From concept to reality

Kreator is not just a generator of ideas, but a true facilitator of their realization.

Our matching algorithm finds the furniture in your catalog that matches the one generated by our AI.